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AirWell Water began more than eight years ago to end the world’s water crisis by conducting a study into the feasibility of our water recycling and water production concepts. After investigating and assessing current water production technology, we found that there were no products available on the market that worked consistently and could deliver significant amounts of water with a reasonable amount of power consumption. To address these needs we have spent years rigorously testing and carefully selecting components in order to manufacture a “best of breed” line of novel products. We now offer a modular product line of cost effective water generation and purification products.


Water Production

Our "Hyper-Dehumidifier" is for its size the most powerful and energy efficient dehumidifier in the world that has been re-engineered to extract drinking water from an endless source.


Water Purification

Our purification process is based upon the use of powerful ozone gas to disinfect and purify water. We can remove dangerous pollutants such as heavy metals, and chemicals such as arsenic and cyanide.


Agricultural Water

Our purification technology can be adapted to provide stable dissolved oxygen for agricultural uses. Our highly oxygenated water helps achieve greater crop yields in shorter amounts of time.


Water Production - We were determined to set a new standard for producing safe drinking water from humidity, so we reengineered every component of the air dehumidifier to develop a vastly superior product capable of producing more water with less power. Our approach was to gain an understanding of the basic components comprising a dehumidifier and improve upon each of them using advanced technology and re-engineering. From there, we partnered with the leading manufacturer of dehumidification technology in the world to meet the engineering requirements of the new design. We have created a modular product line of water generation products with operational redundancy and fail-over operation standard. Although our products are not the first to attempt to harvest humidity, we are the first company to actually design and engineer a product that works as described.

Water Purification and Recycle - The science of AirWell Water’s purification process is rooted in the unique application of ozone gas that provides a powerful, safe and effective purification solution. Our purification technology is based on ozonation, disinfecting water with dissolved ozone gas. This process is safer and more effective than chlorination without introducing any harmful residual effects. The only by-product of ozonation is Oxygen. The water produced is truly the next generation of water, vastly superior to common water in every respect – safe to drink and saturated with supplemental Oxygen. Our process can transform contaminated water such as a lake or a river and produce clean and safe drinking water. Utilizing a proprietary design, our process eliminates approximately 99.97% of all biological contaminants and oxidizes or eliminates many non-biological contaminants such as heavy metals, hydrocarbons, and many chemicals including arsenic and cyanide.

Water Production

Water Purification

Agricultural Water

Water Recycling

Introducing the... Hyper-Dehumidifier™ A Revolutionary water generation technology.


Compared with the best technologies previously developed, our hyper-dehumidification technology is capable of producing four times the amount of water with one-fourth the energy as compared to any other such system. This efficiency makes it practical and economic to operate solely with solar power. Our water generation products are easy to set up and operate and offer an immediate source of water where there is temperature of 54 degrees Fahrenheit and 32% relative humidity or greater. There are no large scale systems on the market that can produce 1000 gallons of water per day that are housed in a 20’ standard shipping container. No product on the market has the energy efficiency of AirWell Water products.

Our purification products are used to clean up water of very poor quality are equipped with a pre-filter to augment the removal of biological and chemical contaminants, including a reverse osmosis membrane filter for brackish water, a medium filter to remove larger particles, and a carbon filter to insure uniform good taste.

One of the unique effects of the application of our purification technology results in hyper-oxygenated water that has proven to be beneficial to agriculture. Using our unique expertise and proven technology we have developed a system that can oxygenate water as well as reclaim agricultural water for reuse. How Much Oxygen? Typical tap water contains, on average, 3% to 6% oxygen as water flows out of the tap. Spring water can contain up to 9% oxygen, and rain water consists of up to 11% oxygen. Our system is able to oxygenate water to any required level of over 50% dissolved oxygen.

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AW - 40

Our AW40 hyper-dehumidifier produces 40 gallons of water per day based upon temperature and humidity. It is a portable unit and weighs just 140 lbs. and is ideal for water supply in an emergency. Power: 820W

AW - 250 & 500

As with all of our products, our AW - 250 & 500 are built to perform and supplies up to 250 and 500 gallons of drinking water per day. This unit is semi-portable weighing 800 lbs.and is housed in a rugged steel case. Power: 9.5kW


AW - 1000

The AW 1000 is the flagship our product line. Housed in a rugged 20' shipping container and weighing 8000 lbs., the AW 1000 supplies up to 1000liters of water per day and is designed to operate in harsh locations. Power: 32kW

WP - 20/WP - 20R

The WP - 20 is our standard ozone-based water purification system that processes 20 gallons per minute. The WP - 20 is the platform for our recycled water system, WP - 20R with added components.


WP - X

The WP - X is built upon the platform of our WP - 20 water purification system and is used to provide high levels of beneficial disslved oxygen for use in agriculture. Yields are increased and mature in a shorter amount of time.

Solar Power

All of our products have been engineered with enough efficency to operate on solar power. We offer heavy-grade turnkey solar power systems that are easy to setup and operate. Featuring high quality U.S. components.


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